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WorldMark by Wyndham Buyers


Frequently Asked Questions




Q: How can I trust timeshareangels.com?
A: You are not only working with us, but also with the transfer agent at Wyndham resorts. We can assure you that no transfer of money will take place by either party until the agent is involved to ensure everyone's security.


Q: Will my new Ownership purchased through TimeShareAngels be any different than the one offered by Wyndham® (formerly Trendwest®)?
A: We only re-sell Premier Ownerships. All include Bonus Time, Perpetual Ownership, plus all New Resorts added to WorldMark® in the future. You can also enroll in RCI and II to take advantage of access to over 5,000 resorts worldwide. Timeshare Angels also offers Inventory Specials, Owner Education, Out of Network Offers, and Exotic Bonus Time.


Q: Will I be a "second-class citizen" by virtue of buying from you instead of from Wyndham/WorldMark?
A: No. WorldMark, the club is very classy in this respect. The club's view is that an owner should be able to divest himself/herself of his/her membership without penalty. You will be entitled to the exact benefits of ownership the original owner enjoyed.


Q: Are there any hidden risks involved when purchasing a Worldmark® Ownership that has been previously owned?
A: No. Wyndham® is a wonderful company with friendly service. The transfer agent at Wyndham will not complete the transfer unless everything is in order, ensuring the security of both the seller and buyer.


Q: How do I know if the seller still owes money to Wyndham Resorts or WorldMark, and if so, will these liens be paid off before closing?
A: This information is part of the contract we mail to you. If you are a cash buyer, we will pay off any dues, principal, or miscellaneous charges as part of the escrow process. If you are "assuming" a membership by taking over the payments of the seller, our contract will clearly detail your responsibilities.

How long does it take to complete the process of buying or selling?
A: Generally it takes WorldMark 4-6 weeks to audit the seller's account and issue transfer documents. Once issued, all parties must sign, notarize and return original notarized documents to the closing company. The combined documents will then be shipped to WorldMark for processing. Processing time varies due to WorldMark's workload, but are generally between 4-6 weeks.


Q: If my new ownership includes 6,000 credits, can I increase the credit level?
A: Yes. You can actually buy an additional Ownership contract and combine the two, thus paying only one maintenance fee which will be less than the two single fees. Secondly, you can purchase credits in blocks of 1000 from Wyndham® through their upgrade department. Example, if you own 6000 credits, you can easily jump to 8000 through a purchase of 2000 additional credits.

Can the Annual Maintenance Fees (dues) increase?
A: Yes. You can obtain more specific information from Worldmark Owner Services at 1-800-779-0760

     Current Annual Maintenance Fee:

Annual Credits






5,001 - 7,500



7,501 - 10,000



10,001 - 12,500



12,501 - 15,000



15,001 - 17,500



17,501 - 20,000



20,001 - 22,500



22,501 - 25,000



25,001 - 27,500



27,501 - 30,000



30,001 - 32,500



32,501 - 35,000



35,001 - 37,500



37,501 - 40,000



Q: Can I combine my purchase with my existing WorldMark ownership?
A. Yes, we can combine this with your existing account and you will keep your original owner number, award date and you will pay maintenance fees based on your total combined number of annual credits. Canadian owners may need to contact us ahead of time so we can help them combine (the process varies based on the origin of existing ownership).  

Can I buy one time use (rental) credits to supplement my account or reservation?
A. Rental credits (also known as one time use credits, or fax credits) are available at any time of the year, in any increment. Worldmark will only allow you to purchase rental credits from them once per year. At Timeshare Angels, Inc. we offer as many credits as you need, without restrictions. Use these credits 13 months in advance, to book any location in the network like normal credits, or bank them with RCI or Interval International for an instant exchange. We guarantee our credits to be good for one year, and the transfer process happens within 2-4 business days. To purchase one time use credits, simply call us at (209) 839-0000 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will need to know the following information:

Name(s) on Account:

Owner Number:
Number of desired credits:
Phone Number:


1. Opportunity Club Members will be eligible for a 10% discount on One Time Use Credits. Please contact us to take advantage of these benefits!

2. Effective January 1, 2012, WorldMark will charge a $35.00 transfer fee for One Time Use Credits to be transfered into an owner's account.

Can I buy Housekeeping Tokens to supplement my account or reservation?
A. Buying resale Housekeeping tokens is a great way to save! Take short or long trips, book 13 months in advance, or even bank them to use the following year. Now, purchase them from us at a big discount and save money instantly by avoiding the fees! We charge $67.00/ token, and it takes about 2-4 business days to post to your account. We just need your Worldmark account number to start this simple process. Call us at (209) 839-0000 to purchase Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm PST. If you want to buy after hours, click HERE to make a payment, and include the number of tokens you’d like to purchase, and your owner number in the notes. We will start the transfer of tokens immediately.


NOTE: Effective January 1, 2012, WorldMark has implemented the following policy.  Housekeeping tokens can now only be transferred along with a minimum of 5,000 One time Use Credits.  There are no exceptions to this policy.



Q: What is WorldMark by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest®)?
A. A WorldMark® ownership is like having a vacation home at the lake, the mountains, and the beach at a fraction of the cost of a second home with none of the headaches. Comparable in price to traditional timeshares that offer only one location, for one week at a time, a WorldMark ownership gives you more than 60 locations to choose from. WorldMark is a points-based (referred to as Vacation Credits), recurring membership which is renewed in perpetuity and may be willed to one's heirs.

 1. You are not given a set period of time to use the Club, but rather may book any dates available in the resorts network  


2. You do not own in any given property - instead, you have the right to use all properties within the Club  


3. Each year your credits are renewed and deposited into your account on the first day of your anniversary month - all you need to do is to pay your maintenance fee, book your usage dates, and enjoy!


4. WorldMark may be willed to your heirs - a lifetime of vacations for you to enjoy, and then you may give it to your children, friends, or a charity for them to utilize as well


        WorldMark also allows traveling owners with families the extra space and privacy, while avoiding the expense, worry, and inconvenience of having to split up the family into two or more rooms. The kitchens eliminate the need to eat every meal out, further saving money and stretching precious vacation dollars. What's more, when you can go on vacation easily (and economically), you'll simply go on vacation more often. It's time that you can use to reduce stress, relax with loved ones, or participate in your favorite activities more often.

        What is WorldMark by Wyndham resort timeshare ownership?
        A: Wyndham develops markets and manages WorldMark resort properties worldwide. Wyndham transfers ownership of these resort properties debt-free to WorldMark who ends up owning, operating and maintaining them. The WorldMark by Wyndham ownership program offers more than 75 resorts around the world to owners that purchase credits. The reason Wyndham entered the timeshare market was because it found traditional timeshare ownership to be too restrictive.

        What's the difference between annual credits and available credits?
        A: Good question. Annual credits are the credits that make up a WorldMark membership. If you have a 6,000 credit membership, you have 6,000 Annual credits. Available credits, on the other hand, are the credits that are added to your account on your anniversary and then exchanged for your vacation accommodations. If you think of your account as a bank of credits, your available credits are what you have left to spend.

        What are Available Credits?
        A: When you purchase a WorldMark® Ownership contract from a previous owner, there are often unused credits leftover. You inherit all unused credits or reservations.

        When do credits expire?
        A: Credits are good for two years in a WorldMark membership and then up to 13 months when applied to a reservation.

        What do I need to know about Bonus Time?
        A: Currently the price is 5 ($0.05) cents per credit with a minimum fee of $30 per night; Bonus Time cannot be used for the resorts in Australia. You can use 1-4 days per week, 52 weeks per year. You are allowed one weekend per quarter.

        What is an exchange?
        A. An exchange is the depositing of your week with an exchange and then the requesting of a week to use in place of the week you are depositing. The exchange company does not have to find Logosomeone to use your week before they will give you an exchange. Once you deposit the week you are done with it. It is very important to deposit your week early to have more power with your week. Each exchange company has slightly different rules for exchanging. There is a fee involved in exchanging your week. What an exchanges can do for you:

        • Logo
        • Give you access to over 7000 resorts world-wide.
        • Allow you to use fewer points per vacation - doubling (or more) the vacations you are able to take each year.
        • Potential to upgrade into a larger unit, at a nicer resort, for fewer points than a standard WM condo.


        What Companies Offer Exchange Services: Interval International (II) www.intervalworld.com Resort Condominiums International (RCI) www.rci.com

        What is TravelShare membership?
        A. WorldMark's TravelShare is an incidental benefit offered by Wyndham Resorts to owners of WorldMark, the Club. TravelShare is offered only to customers who choose to pay the retail value for those 5000 annual credits and buy directly from Wyndham Resorts. Use of or participation in TravelShare is completely voluntary, and payment of any fee or other cost associated with TravelShare, if any, is required only upon use or participation. The continued availability of TravelShare is not necessary for the use and enjoyment of a WorldMark Owner’s use of any accommodation of WorldMark, The Club. Participation in the TravelShare program is separate from membership in WorldMark, The Club and can be modified or discontinued at any time.

        What is the Opportunity Club?
        A. This is a brand new program, designed and created exclusively by Timeshare Angels, Inc. to provide new and exciting benefits to enhance Worldmark Owners’ vacation experiences even further. Our goals have always been to provide our clients with the best service and the best prices available on the resale market. As part of our commitment, we are constantly seeking ways to increase Owners’ choices and complement our existing services. We have attained some of these goals and will continue to grow. We want to provide uncompromising quality in all of these areas so our customers can travel more, save time in planning their vacations and of course, save money every year as they have more fun sharing time and making memories with their families and loved ones.

        We are now offering the Opportunity Club membership for a onetime fee of $1,995.00! We look forward to introducing you and welcoming you as a Member to our newest product and service. This is our way of thanking you, and these benefits will only be available to our clients. Please read the following steps on how "The Opportunity Club" can work for you. It's been said that "good things usually come in bunches." Well, just watch us grow as we provide more services targeted at enhancing your WorldMark Vacation experiences. We thank you for your support!


        Click here to read more about the benefits!

        Opportunity Club Membership is a new product now available to WorldMark owners. The Opportunity Club Membership is a one-stop vacation shopping experience where credits are used as currency.

        Will my WorldMark ownership change in any way if I elect not to participate in TravelShare membership?
        A. No. If a WorldMark owner chooses not to participate in TravelShare, he or she will retain all the rights of ownership of the original WorldMark ownership, as provided in the WorldMark governing documents.

        What if I am a TravelShare member and I want to transfer my WorldMark ownership to someone else? Does my TravelShare membership also transfer?
        A. No. Unless you are transferring to eligible family members (parents, spouse, domestic partner, siblings, children and grandchildren) who then have the opportunity to become a TravelShare member by enrolling into the program without an additional upgrade.

        Will my new Ownership purchased through Timeshare Angels, Inc. be any different than the one offered by Wyndham® (formerly Trendwest®)?
        A: Yes, TravelShare membership is not available on the resale market. However, Timeshare Angels, Inc. only re-sell Premier Ownerships. All include Bonus Time, Perpetual Ownership, plus all New Resorts added to WorldMark® in the future. You can also enroll in RCI and II to take advantage of access to over 5,000 resorts worldwide.

        Are Worldmark timeshare membership dues current at the time of purchase?
        A: Yes, Wyndham will not transfer a Worldmark timeshare membership unless all dues are current.

        Can I purchase additional credits for my current premier membership?
        A: Yes, you can purchase a second premier membership that can be combined into your existing membership . For example, if you currently own a 6,000 credit membership, you may purchase an 8,000 credit membership and transfer it to your existing account creating a single 14,000 credit membership.

        Are all the Worldmark club memberships purchased through timeshareangels.com "premier"?
        A: Yes, we only deal with premier memberships which include the bonus time reservations and RCI or II instant exchange benefits.

        Can I re-sell a Worldmark timeshare membership purchased through Timeshare Angels, Inc.?
        A: Yes, all the memberships are perpetual which means they can be transferred or sold forever.

        Why do you only offer Worldmark timeshares?
        A: In our opinion , the Worldmark club offers the best value and best locations for the money . They are extremely friendly, easy to work with and very flexible.

        Can we buy bonus time for $.05 per credit with the memberships you sell?
        A: Yes, although everyone should understand, owners and prospective owners alike, that the $.05 per credit is not an unchangeable price; it may be increased at any time by the WorldMark board of directors. 

        What is a "season" in timeshare?
        A. Seasons are depicted by the exchange companies in colors. RCI color codes are red, white and blue pertaining to exchanging during certain times of the year for each resort based on how high the demand is for time of year.

        Red time = greater demand

        White time = average demand
        Blue time = lesser demand

        For Interval International, the same concept applies, but the I.I. colors for the same seasonal
        Calendardemand periods, are Red, Yellow, and Green.

        Q: Do you recommend that I combine memberships or keep them separate?
        A: This is a decision you need to make. Combining memberships allows for lower annual dues and simplicity of ownership. Keeping them separate may save you an occasional housekeeping charge or allow more than one quarterly bonus time weekend. However, most of our clients opt for the savings and simplicity of combining accounts.

        Can I exchange with RCI if I purchase from you?
        A: Yes, but as with all WorldMark memberships, you must also belong to RCI. We now offer the Opportunity Club, to make exchanging your WorldMark credits easy and fun. Membership in the Opportunity Club comes with a membership to RCI! Read more about the Opportunity Club to get more details.

        What is the Adventure Club?
        A: The Adventure Club is an incidental benefit offered by Wyndham Resorts, Inc. to owners of Worldmark, The Club. Participation in the Adventure Club program is separate from membership in Worldmark, The Club and can be modified or discontinued at any time. 








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